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Memories of the Occupation in Greece

Dr. Anna Maria Droumpouki

Anna Maria Droumpouki holds a BA in History and Archaeology, an MA in Museology and a PhD in Contemporary Greek and European History (all from the University of Athens). She was a Visiting Research Scholar at the Simon-Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture (Leipzig, 2009), and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Research Centre for Modern History of Panteion University (Athens, 2014-16) working on ““Repairing the Past: Holocaust Restitution in Greece”. She is the author of Monuments of Oblivion: Traces of the Second World War in Greece and in Europe (Athens, 2014), and a founding member of the Workshop on the Study of Modern Greek Jewry (https://greekjewry.wordpress.com/). Currently she is research assistant and scientific coordinator of the Greek- German Project “Memories of the Occupation in Greece” at Free University Berlin.

She edited the books "Thessaloniki during the Nazi Occupation", Potamos Editions, Athens, 2014 (introduced and edited in collaboration with Jason Chandrinos), and "War, Occupation, Resistance and Civil War: The long shadow of the 1940s’ in Greece. Honorary volume for Hagen Fleischer", Alexandreia, Athens, 2015, introduced and edited in collaboration with Katerina Gardikas, Vaggelis Karamanolakis, Kostas Raptis.

She is Administrator of the Visual History Archive of the USC Shoah Foundation at the University of Athens. 

Teaching experience:

Winter Semester October 2015- January 2016: Post-graduate program “Political Science and History”, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, course: “Memory and Public History of the Second World War”.
June 2014- June 2015: Plato Academy, University of Athens. Lifelong learning seminar for adults, six seminars.
2010-2012: Teaching assistant, three postgraduate seminars of contemporary European history, University of Athens.

Research projects:

2011- 2013: Herder Institute Marburg, “World War Two: Everyday Life under German Occupation”, project co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Peter Haslinger.
2009- 2010: “Work, Gender and Society”, CLIOHRES (Sixth Framework Network of Excellence CLIOHRES.net- Creating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History Research Agenda for the Citizens of a Growing Europe), Chief Researchers: Berteke Waaldijk (University of Utrecht) and Carla Salvaterra (University of Bologna).